For Writers

Understanding what your work needs and knowing what you want: these are the first steps in selecting the editing service that's right for you. If you're a writer who is not yet familiar with the editing and publishing process, the questions below will help to guide you to the service that's right for you. Clicking on the links will provide you with more information about each kind of editing.

Which service do you need?

Is your work already drafted and revised? You may be ready either for copyediting, which will make your completed manuscript correct, consistent, and formatted along professional guidelines — that is, ready for publication — or a manuscript review, which gives creative writers in particular insights into what aspects of a work are already effective and which ones need more attention.

Is your document completely drafted, but you need some help with development of ideas and organization, as well as with correct, effective language? Line editing is the service you're looking for.

Has your book been written and copyedited, and do you now need it set into pages? Basic page layout is the service you need. (Note that this service is most appropriate for book publishers or for self-publishing authors. If you'll be submitting your work to publishers, you should submit it in "manuscript" form, which is usually a Microsoft Word document; in that case, you may find copyediting, line editing, or a manuscript review helpful in making your manuscript as competitive as possible before submitting it for publication.)

Has your document been copyedited already, but you want to make sure that any remaining errors are corrected? Proofreading is the service that you need.

Is your work still in the planning phase, or is it only partially drafted? Do you need help completing the work? Developmental editing is the service you need. I generally don't take on developmental editing projects, but the Editorial Freelancers Association Member Directory can help you find developmental editors.